Strauss and Flower: from the huddle

England’s two Andrews, captain Strauss and coach Flower, have turned England’s fortunes around and carved out a 1-0 lead in the Ashes. In the December issue of The Wisden Cricketer, they explained their leadership …

Strauss: I have learned from people in all walks of life. I find business books very informative. I’ve read a lot of books on Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela’s autobiography … I’ve read all of Richard Branson’s books and I admire the way he has carved out an empire. I’m a big admirer of Barack Obama, too. He became President of the United States around the same time as I became England captain so I’ve been keeping an eye on how he’s doing – he’s had some tough times too! Politics can sometimes give you a new idea or a different perspective on things.

Flower: I remember one incident that really stood out for me as a player. It was the day before a Test for Zimbabwe in Wellington and I was having throwdowns against the board on the outfield. I played a couple of slapdash shots and Richard Hadlee walked past me. He stopped and said: “What are you doing?” And I said: “I’m just having a hit, getting ready for tomorrow.” So he said: “What type of preparation do you think that is? Are you actually serious about what you’re doing, are you serious about preparing for tomorrow? And if you are, what are you doing preparing like that?” And I remember being very embarrassed about it. But it changed the way I prepared from then on.

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