Daniel Brigham: Congratulations Tamim – TWC's Test Player of the Year

Bangladesh’s opening batsman Tamim Iqbal is The Wisden Cricketer’s Test Player of the Year for 2010.

On the day that Bangladesh recorded their first series victory against top-flight opposition with a win against New Zealand, Tamim’s enormous bat beat off very close competition from Graeme Swann and the man everyone compares him to, Virender Sehwag, who came second and third.

The award, which is calculated by the marks out of 10 our reporters give each player at every Test match, goes to a Bangladeshi for the second successive year. While Shakib Al Hasan was almost unheard of last year, it’s a different story with Tamim. At just 21, he is proving himself a real superstar. Dashing and aggressive, but with a real solidity, those comparisons with Sehwag are fair. His 837 runs at 59.78, in a team that failed to win a Test this year, also points to a man who likes responsibility.

His 151 at Dhaka against India in January was a sign of things to come. Few batsmen tamed English bowlers this summer, but Tamim blasted exceptional hundreds at Lord’s and Old Trafford. In that short series he went from a promising batsman to a man who could go on to dominate for a decade, and he could well pull Bangladesh with him.

The Top 10 TWC Players of the Year, plus England’s best player Graeme Swann giving his favourite moments of the last 12 months, can be found in the December issue of The Wisden Cricketer, out tomorrow.

Daniel Brigham is assistant editor of thewisdencricketer.com

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50 Responses to Daniel Brigham: Congratulations Tamim – TWC's Test Player of the Year

  1. Maysun says:

    this has to be the best day for Bangladesh Cricket. First the historic series win over the Kiwis and now Tamim is the Wisden Test cricketer of the year! Woohoo :’)

  2. Masud says:

    Congrats Tamim & Bangladesh! What a day !

  3. Amin says:

    Just loving this. We are now becoming a front runner. It is now pacing all of a sudden, just because we have players like Shakib, Tamim, Nafees and all others…

  4. eagleeyes says:

    A happy day for Bangladesh!

  5. Ayon says:

    Yah ,it’s a great day for all Bangladeshis….:D

  6. Mazed says:

    Congrats boss.. He is another real tiger..

  7. Hassan says:

    It is a feeling of proud, it doesnt happen a lot for Bangladesh

  8. adil says:

    grt day for bd fans…cheers..!!

  9. MD. JAKIR HOSAIN says:

    congratulation tamim iqbal.

    we r really happy.



  10. Sun says:

    Up Thumb for Tamim, great job buddy !

    It is very unfortunate that, although I am a supporter of BD cricket team, I have not noticed how well Tamim Iqbal played this year. Don’t know why !!!

  11. Rajeen says:

    Congrats… too good day for us…

  12. siam says:

    Congratulation TAmIm……..
    Hope U will come back soon……..

  13. saiful says:

    TAmim ,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t say any thing ,jut say keep it up,,,,,,,,,,,,,best of luck

  14. zahid says:

    this is awesome for a bangladeshi player as well as for bangladesh.great honor and amazing achievemement.i want to see bangladesh in a leading position in the cricket world.

  15. Mridul says:

    Congratulation Tamim Iqbal……..

  16. David Royden says:

    Congrats to Tamim Iqbal

  17. Adam Suhel says:

    V Shewag, Shachin, Swan these three are exceptional, they were to deserve the honor. Player like Tamim, Sakib who can be dominate next decade obviously we must support these Bangladeshis for betterment of our cricket world.
    Congrats Tamim!!!!

  18. Tanvir Sobhan says:

    Bangladeshi cricketers are showing their character! Highest individual accolades with some tremendous team efforts remind the rest of the world WE ARE NO LONGER MINNOWS !

    COngratz Tamim and keep it up !

  19. Polen says:

    yes, very rare day in Bangladesh cricket history – a historic series win with Tamim’s good news…go ahead boys…..

  20. Asif Basar says:

    Congrats Tamim, Congrats Tigers..the world now knows what tigers can do….

  21. Saikat says:

    A real joyous day for me as a Bangladeshi. Proud of Tamim and the all the boys who are bringing honor to the country.

  22. Tarek Jubaer says:

    Great achievement. Way to go Bangladesh, Way to go Tamim.

  23. Rafique says:

    Congra… tamim …

  24. Riaz Rio says:

    This time for Tamin. keep it up.

  25. KnK says:

    Bangladeh….We are proud by cricket…..

  26. Imam Mannaf says:

    This is a sign that Bangladesh cricket is going forward and an admonition for the top flight team also.

  27. 'erfan wahid' says:

    We can say now Bangladesh has the golden generation of cricket coming up with Tamim,Sakib,Mashrafee,Nafees & many others.World cricket’s super powers like Australia,India,England etc. should be aware from them.

  28. Naveed Ahmed says:

    It was the best day in the history of Bangladesh cricket

  29. anik says:

    LEts move forward…..forget the past…..with tigers roaring towards the world cup

  30. Sheehan says:

    A great fit.
    We all are proud of this lad.

  31. Welcome Tamim Iqbal Khan .
    We are proud of you .

  32. Congrats Boss man. Luv u 2, luv Shakib as well…. Go ahead>>>

  33. Altaf Hossain Sagor says:

    Bangladesh Team
    Tamim you make us proud out side the country.
    Few people at my work place know only Tamim and Shakib. I work at Glasgow(Scotland)
    Good Luck for you and hope to see you soon.
    Altaf Hossain(CTG)

  34. Nurul Azam says:

    im proud of him as he is our local(Chittagong) boy…
    Congrats Tamim.carry on…

    “Batting with a bulldozer mentality that drew rightful comparisons with the mighty Virender Sehwag, Tamim took the attitude that all bowlers were there to be destroyed”

    loving dis quote from wisden report :D

  35. M.Rahman says:

    Thank you Wisden, for your acute power of seeing the potentialities of an up-coming cricketing giant.First Shakib and not Tamim! After performing superbly in County cricket this summer, Shakib comes home and wins the series against NZ almost single-handed. When the gets fit after his wrist operation, Tamim is expected to flower to this full potential in the upcoming WC! Just watch these two, who love the pressure and the tension of cricket at the highest level.

    County managements and IPL take note of what Wisden predicts!

  36. Aunik says:

    what would I say !! God bless Bangladesh team !!! best of luck tamim nd love u all :)

  37. abdul says:

    good job by bangldeshi i watched every singal match which were in tv. bangladesh is improving keep it up……. bd

  38. cricfever09 says:

    from a bangladeshi who bet with his uncles that we would win that match against pakistan in hte 1999 world cup congrats bangladesh i can proudly say we are a great team

  39. ShakiRon says:

    BAngladesh’s best opening batsman. He is now to keep it up. World class batting style of this man reminds me Jayasuriya, Brian Lara and Saeed Anwar.
    Great job going. Hoping Tamim to be the top ranked batsman and have to get some honor from ICC.

  40. Bang_La says:

    The award should have been fair having the following names:

    1. Virender Shewag
    2. Virender Shewag
    3. Virender Shewag, or at least thats what Indian “cricket” supporters are moaning at in Cricinfo :)

    Thank you Daniel.

  41. Liton_Bangladesh says:

    Tamim,Sakib,Mashrafee,Nafees & many others.World cricket’s super powers like Australia,India,England etc. should be aware from them.
    &congratulation tamim iqbal….

  42. Syed Jamshed says:

    Well done Chittagonian fighter.I can not but remember your aggressive shots to Jahir khan’s with a mighty six after going to G.E.C circle of Chittagong.As the circle belongs the tiger’s AD pictures.

  43. J.Islam says:

    First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone at Wisden Cricket for selecting Tamim Iqbal as Test player of the year. It’s a pround moment for every Bangladeshi out there by selecting him you have given eveyone a path to show what they can acheive.

    We all the category is full of world class players like sachin,Amla,Strauss and Swann but it was nice that you noticed that Tamim plays for a developing cricket country and not someone like S Africa or England when there’s quality all around which will help you perform regularly.

    Tamim is still in his very early 20′s and already showed signs of brilliance and he like’s to challenge himself and set records and he showed this year at Bangladesh when he was a few runs away to scoring a century before Lunch only a handful a players managed that Inc the Great Bradman.

    As for the people who is constantly saying who will sign him for IPL?
    Tamim is showing more interest in playing for a County side in England were you can truly test
    yourself as a Cricketer.

  44. Ashif Manjur says:

    There are only few of the openers like Tamim in world cricket today… Like India’s Sehwag he also has the ability to destroy any team within few overs of play… As a Bangladeshi I am proud of him… Looking forward for a bright future of Bangladesh in world arena….:)

  45. Syed Hasan says:

    Tamim is a good player but Bangladeshi batsman are not continueing their performance for long time.It is very sorrow for any Bangladeshi.

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  47. Babu from sm group says:

    if all politician of our country will changeable like our cricket team, we was proud & happy nation in the world. Please honorable prime minister SK. Hassina & Former prime minister Khaleda zia learn from the Tamim, Sakib & Masrafe how we shall over come from the hell, as a nation now we were in the critical situation.Please all political people, all government service holder sing from the heart like Bangladesh cricket team ” amra korbo joy” we shall over come.
    Thanks to Tamim , Sakib & all you all proud us in the world, Banglay jaty more pore hove char khar tobou moatha noabar noi. Thanx again

  48. MD RAFIQUL ISLAM says:

    He deserved it

  49. adam says:

    All best bangladeshi cricketer.

  50. Mahmood says:

    Hope Bangladesh will show same performance in coming world cup.