The Teesra and other variations: Alan Tyers

Saeed Ajmal’s Teesra is the ball that’s got the whole world talking – and now other cricketers are making a bid to bring their signature delivery to a wider audience. Eyes peeled (and elbows straight) for …

The Toesra
A vicious yorker than hones in on a team-mate’s foot in practice the day before a vital match, developed by Jimmy Anderson for use on Stuart Broad.

The Sleevsra
Invented by Bob Willis in his secret laboratory, the Sleevsra is a devious foreign delivery that can be kept up one’s long-sleeved shirt. Not available to bowlers of non-Asian origin.

The Ninetiesra
Seemingly innocuous delivery guaranteed to dismiss an ageing Indian legend within sight of a milestone hundred.

The Prisra
Delivery bowled with the front foot intentionally over the line, can be very lucrative but also carries risk of six months in jail.

The fifteendegreezra
Unplayable delivery that tests the boundaries of geometry and credibility.

The Hafeezra
Delivery that starts on off-stump, holds its line on off-stump and then mysteriously draws England opener into trying to cut it.

The Steevsra
Lethal looking ball that ends up in the hands of second slip. Can cause depression in both bowler and second slip.

The Twosera
Delivery developed in Warwickshire but now only found in New Zealand.

The ECBeesra
Delivery that can now be used only 14 times a season in first-class cricket, but is being heavily pushed in Twenty20.

The Bresra
Developed by hearty Yorkshire pace ace Tim Bresnan, the bresra is a fast off-cutter served in a large floury bap. A Scotch Egg can be substituted for the fast off-cutter if preferred.

By Alan Tyersra. Further inventions in CrickiLeaks: The Secret Ashes Diary, by Tyers and Beach, here

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