Holland cricket boosted by new sponsorship deal

Holland, who compete in county cricket’s Clydesdale Bank 40 competition,  have signed a lucrative four-year sponsorship deal with ABN Amro bank which will allow them to treble the number of full-time professionals in their squad.

The Netherlands currently have only three full-time players, including captain Peter Borren, but the lucrative deal with the Dutch bank will enable them to employ between eight and ten professionals to make them more competitive at both county and international level.

“We are delighted to be able to secure this deal which provides us with a two-fold opportunity,” said Richard Cox, chief executive of the Royal Dutch Cricket Association.

“Firstly we will be able to offer considerably more full-time playing contracts to the players and effectively turn ‘professional’ for the foreseeable four years and beyond as well as offering a career path for our best young cricketers in our programmes. This is a significant sea-change for the future of Dutch cricket.”

The sponsorship deal comes at a time when the profile of Dutch cricket is about to be raised further by Sky Sports’ decision to televise Holland’s CB40 match against Gloucestershire at Amstelveen on July 27, the first time that one of their matches in a county competition has been screened live in England.

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