The D’Oliveira affair: read The Cricketer from 1968

The death of Basil D’Oliveira has recalled the tumultuous events of 1968, when England’s tour of apartheid South Africa was called off due to the all-rounder’s eventual inclusion in the squad.

The Cricketer magazine covered the story in great depth, with several articles in the 1968/9 Winter Annuals touching the heart of the debate.

To re-read the pieces written by leading journalists such as E.W. Swanton and Robin Marlar, click HERE and flick through the edition, zooming in on articles you wish to study.

The pages have been made available by CricketArchive, our partner website, which is compiling a complete online archive of The Cricketer magazine going back to the first issue in 1921. Some are available in the ‘Print Material’ section of the website’s ‘ARCHIVE’ section. For now it’s free to view but a subscription charge will be made soon.


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