Peter Roebuck: the final interview in The Cricketer

The final interview given by Peter Roebuck reveals the continued bitterness of his long-standing and unresolved feud with former Somerset team-mate Sir Ian Botham.

It appears in the December issue of The Cricketer magazine, which goes on sale on Friday (November 18). The magazine was printed two days before 55-year-old Roebuck died in Cape Town on Saturday.

Roebuck’s comments were delivered in a torrent of emails to journalist Ivo Tennant, who was researching an article marking the 25th anniversary of the row that led to Botham, Sir Vivian Richards and Joel Garner leaving Somerset.

Roebuck gave permission for Tennant to print anything he wrote in his emails. The last message from Roebuck, who had settled in Australia where he wrote for newspapers, had the subject line: “Over and Out”. It was sent five days before his suicide.

“This meant nothing at the time,” Tennant wrote in The Times this week, “but it would appear now as if this most singular man was preparing for his departure.”

Read Ivo Tennant’s full article on Somerset’s civil war only in The Cricketer, out on Friday.

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