Former chairman Amott resigns from Derbyshire committee

Former chairman Don Amott has severed his final ties with Derbyshire after resigning from the general committee.

The news is not unexpected. Amott has only rarely been seen at the County Ground since quitting as chairman in March following a row with the three other officers of the club and has not been to a committee meeting since.

He has resigned from the committee with immediate effect and his caravan company has requested the repayment of an interest-free loan of £22,500 by the end of the year. Amott has also confirmed that he will no longer take up advertising and sponsorship with the club next season.

Amott has been a major sponsor for 20 years but his company is not Derbyshire’s main source of commercial income.

Derbyshire will not welcome the loss of income in these tough times, especially after announcing a deficit of £187,000 last year, but they are expected to return to profit this year and Amott’s successor as chairman, Chris Grant, says the club is in a much stronger position to deal with the blow that it would have been had Amott carried out his threat to pull out back in March.

“The club’s finances are robust enough to handle repaying the loan without significant impact and our commercial team is already working to find a replacement shirt sponsor,” said Grant. “I’m confident we can handle this without if affecting our ability to record a profit this year.”

Amott was chairman for six years and was president for two years before that but says he does leave the club with some regret. “It is quite sad in a way to be leaving the committee after eight years as president and then chairman,” he said.

“Part of me wishes I had stayed and seen it through because I said losing money last year was just a blip through matters that were out of our control and when (chief executive) Keith Loring and I did the budget this year we forecast we would be back in profit.

“That will be proved to be right but I leave knowing the foundations are there for the next person to take the club forward.”

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