Player of the Month, October – Tom Scriven

Player of the Month - Tom Scriven

At only 12 years old, Tom Scriven has scored more runs for his county in the past five years than many professional batsmen. Currently the captain of Berkshire under-12s, Tom began playing for the county under-10s side when he was eight. Since then he has scored more than 2,000 runs including four centuries and 12 fifties – with a top score of 180*, made as an under-10 against Gwent.

With an average of more than 60 after 50 games for Berkshire, it was only a matter of time before coaches at Middlesex sat up, took notice and put Tom on the elite players’ programme. Staff at Magdalan College School in Oxford also caught wind of his talent and he was offered a scholarship at the beginning of this year. It proved a wise decision: Tom captained the team to Oxfordshire County Cup victory, averaging 77.5 from 12 games and also led the wicket-takers, with 13 scalps falling to his seam bowling.

An avid reader of The Cricketer, Tom has scored two centuries this year – 130 against Bedfordshire and 103* against Wiltshire. “It is really his sheer consistency that has made him so unusual for a smallish lad,” says his dad Tony. “When he started he was just a helmet on legs.

“Since the age of three he’s been batting with a stump, Bradman-style. He’s got every shot: he can play like a sub-continental batsman by working it off his legs but he drives well and he pulls well too. He’s an accumulator but his strike rate is going up and up. He’s just an enigmatic cricketer who very rarely fails.”

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