Club of the Month, August 2011 – Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall

Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall in Hampshire

By Will Carpenter

Founded during the Peninsular War, 2011 marks the 200th anniversary of Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Cricket Club – affectionately known as ‘Turgis’. Set amid the picturesque countryside of North Hampshire, Turgis is fortunate in having a particularly enthusiastic and hard-working troop of members.

A recently relayed playing square, made possible by the efforts of volunteers, is the best recent example of the club’s industrious nature. “It was relayed the year before last and we are extremely pleased with it,” says committee member Martin Sandland. “Every team that comes along compliments us on the quality of the bounce.”

Turgis’ rich club history includes some famous names on the list of vice-presidents: a certain Sir Donald Bradman heads the 1963 records. In more modern times, the club is proud to host regular Hampshire disability cricket: “Within the club we have five players with a disability. They play regular cricket for us and are the mainstay of Hampshire disability cricket,” says Martin.

In celebration of their 200th anniversary, ‘Turgis’ will stage an ‘1811 cricket match’ on the August bank holiday. “We’ll be entering into the spirit of the period with costumes and trying to replicate it as best as possible,” says Martin.

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