Domestic scheduling is “ludicrous”: Mark Wallace

Glamorgan wicketkeeper Mark Wallace has criticised the 2011 domestic itinerary as “ludicrous” after the Welsh county last week played a four-day LV County Championship match sandwiched between two Friends Life t20 games.

Wallace said it was far from ideal in terms of honing technique for two widely differing cricket disciplines. “It’s ludicrous really, and it’s not the tiredness or fatigue factors I’m talking about,” he complained.

“The two games are poles apart in terms of technique, skill requirement and approach. And to expect players to seamlessly go from trying to smash the ball out of the park one day to attempting to watchfully bat all day the next is ridiculous.

“Players work hard at all aspects of the game nowadays, but it really is a tough ask to expect standards to remain at their peak when the formats of the game are altering drastically on a daily basis.”

The Cricketer magazine columnist Wallace also strongly hinted that it should be of no surprise that Glamorgan lost all three of those games last week.

“The result can often be a compromise on both fronts and if you look at some of the rather bizarre scores around the country in Championship games last week – including ours – they certainly point to a lot of players who have been unable to make the transition back so easily to the game’s longer format,” added Wallace.

Glamorgan coach Matthew Mott also complained of the difficult schedule, which is very different to Australia where the various competitions are compartmentalised into blocks.

“You can’t really criticise the administrators because they have a difficult job in sorting out the schedule. But a Championship match between two t20 games I don’t think is good for anyone,” he said.

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