Trescothick moved by response to radio discussion on depression in sport

Marcus Trescothick has been touched by the response to a radio programme he appeared on with former England captain Michael Vaughan last week.

The programme discussed depression in sport, but provoked a massive reaction by email, text and tweets from sufferers in all walks of life.

Trescothick first brought the subject under the spotlight when admitting that problems linked with the depression had forced him to quit two England tours and subsequently retire from international cricket.

His autobiography later centred on his illness and he has received countless messages of thanks from fellow sufferers for highlighting the illness and ways of treating it.

The radio show has brought many more. “I am told that the number of people who have listened to it on playback via the internet is enormous, as has been the reaction received by the BBC,” he said.

“One man actually texted during the programme to say that he was listening in tears while walking his dog because he had recognised the symptoms I had described myself as having suffered and realised they fitted exactly with his own.

“That text was read out while we were on the air. It was similar to a lot of messages I received when my autobiography was published – and they kept on arriving for as long as a year after the book came out.

“When you are suffering with depression you just tend to see your own little world. It’s only through the sort of reaction I had to my story and now the radio show that makes me realise how massive an issue it is across the world.

“I get an enormous number of requests to talk about my illness and have to be very careful which ones I agree to otherwise it would take over my entire life and leave no time for cricket.

“About two years ago I did a BBC TV programme on the subject as it applies in sport and the reaction was amazing. To think that so long afterwards a radio show should provoke a similar response is truly remarkable.

“There must be more avenues to explore and when I find the right one I will do all I can to further spotlight a problem that is not going away.”

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