The IPL in Numbers: Alan Tyers

Money, maximums, Modi… here are the made-up numbers that matter from this season’s Indian Premier League

1 Cricketers heard of by ITV4 presenter Shonali Nagrani before tournament. Clue: It wasn’t Shaggy Udal

2 Number of legendary Sri Lankan batsmen who mystifyingly feel that making millions in the IPL is somehow more attractive than a game against Malany and the Middlesex lads at Uxbridge. Well, Mahela and Kumar, you missed out on a chance to see the celebrated Chimes Shopping Centre (76 stores, including a Dolcis and a Miss Selfridge); the RAF base that was once visited by Winston Churchill during the War; and the Metropolitan line terminus (Uxbridge branch). And those are experiences that money simply cannot buy

2 Days that ITV4 football and cricket anchor, basket-weaving correspondent, weathergirl, controller of factual programming and janitor Matt Smith has had off in the last year

36 Maximum number of runs that can be scored in an over, i.e. a maximum number of Maximums

37 Number of runs that can be scored in an over by Chris Gayle; also number of missed calls Chris has each day from WCIB wondering where he is

140 Characters in which Lalit, each time, manages to be just that little bit more annoying

250 Number of pairs of underpants Shane Warne will have to sell to pay off his 50K fine

525 Number of sixes in tournament so far; also number of viewers for some matches on ITV4

1,785 Number of games remaining in tournament’s round-robin stage, so named because it gives Robin Jackman a chance to go round India annoying listeners in every major location

12,000,000 Rough number of Indian viewers for Chennai Superkings versus Rajasthan Royals, the lowest rating game for a while and a cause for considerable concern in India. 12 million! That’s nearly as many as watched the Glamorgan Rarebits versus the Leicestershire Lightmeters in a recent Sunday lunchtime 40-over bash on Sky Sports 9

By Alan Tyers

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