2,300 watch live stream of Lancashire village match

Video still from the live online feed

In a throwback to the days when a club cricket match in Lancashire could attract thousands of supporters, the Easter bank holiday weekend game between Wray’s village XI and a so-called “Rest of the World” side attracted up to 2,300 viewers at a time, all watching a live internet stream.

The match, which was watched as far afield as Australia and America, was arranged and then broadcast live to advertise the need for faster broadband connections in rural areas.

John Popham, who organised the day and advertised it heavily on Twitter using the #twicket hashtag, told the Guardian: “It worked better than my wildest expectations both in terms of viewers and the technology. The BBC even came along – I think they might be a bit worried!”

The superfast 30Mbps community network that enabled the match to be broadcast live was installed jointly by volunteers and Lancaster University academics. More about the project is explained on Popham’s blog.

The match, along with its idiosyncratic running commentary, can still be watched here, though obviously the feed is no longer live.

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