Sussex aim to pass tests of character

Sussex’s players have undergone a series of character assessment workshops so they can understand more about what makes their team-mates tick.

Ahead of the new season, coach Mark Robinson hopes the sessions will improve team spirit and give his side the edge in tight situations.

Batsman Ben Brown revealed: “It is something that is done a lot in big businesses and is a good way of getting to know a bit more about our team-mates.

“I am sure it will help us when the season starts. You get to know how you and your team-mates respond to certain situations, some of which can be difficult, and that can only be a good thing.

“I found out a lot of things about my team-mates that I wasn’t aware of. I have known a lot of the guys for years but discovered something new about them. I haven’t discovered anything shocking but I do know what annoys my house-mate Will Beer now!”

Brown made his first-team breakthrough for Sussex last season, scoring his maiden County Championship hundred against Derbyshire. That 112 at Horsham came after he was elevated to No3 and he averaged 42 in seven innings there, compared to a season’s average of 36.

He is likely to bat there again when Sussex take on Lancashire at Liverpool in their first division opener but admits that he has spent much of the winter working on his wicketkeeping.

With Matt Prior likely to be absent for much of the summer, Brown will again be battling with the more experienced Andy Hodd for the gloves.

“I have sometimes been obsessed with my batting in the past and have neglected my keeping,” he admitted. “It’s about getting the balance right.

“I have been on the phone to Matt to get some advice, doing footwork drills and getting my posture right. Practicing and catching lots of balls is the only way I’m going to improve.”

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