Hoggard and squad embrace space age

Leicestershire’s preparations for the forthcoming season have embraced the space age.

The county squad paid a visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester as a break from the usual schedule of shuttle runs, bleep tests and nets for a morning of fun, but useful, activities.

“It’s been amazing,” said veteran Paul Nixon, who made his Leicestershire debut in 1989. “We had Buzz Aldrin up there on the video with us this morning and he was telling us how it’s done! There was plenty of togetherness in adversity and it’s been good fun.”

The day also had a competitive edge with players against staff in the range of activities available at the Space Centre. All-rounder Wayne White was Mission Control leader of the playing side while academy coach Russell Cobb led the staff team.

“The squad are cock-a-hoop with how it went as we’ve had great fun here. It was a lot about communication and keeping calm heads under pressure as we’ve had time restraints, lights flashing and sirens going off,” said Leicestershire captain Matthew Hoggard.

“We had to perform certain tasks in a certain way. We were not able to see each other and had to communicate through headsets and walkie-talkies so it was all about good communication.

“We are hoping to build a good relationship with the National Space Centre as it’s one of the major attractions of Leicestershire. We count ourselves among those attractions and there’s a lot going on around Leicester that needs awareness.

“When you talk to people at the Centre and look at the statistics, around 80 per cent of people who visit the National Space Centre come from outside 20 miles.”

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