Sussex to press for T20 compensation

Sussex chairman Jim May wants counties who lose out if there are fewer Twenty20 matches from 2012 to be compensated.

A reduction from 16 games to 10 is almost certainly to be one of the outcomes when the ECB confirm the domestic structure from next season onwards on March 22.

May claims the loss of three lucrative home games could cost the county in the region of £100,000 – a tidy sum for a county whose latest accounts showed a deficit of more than double that amount.

May, whose chief executive Dave Brooks is a member of the ECB panel tasked with coming up with a less crowded schedule, said: “We may have to accept fewer games but we don’t see why we should be penalised for doing well at marketing and getting people to the ground to watch Twenty20 cricket.”

Sussex believe the County Championship will be reduced from 16 to 14 games, a move May would support if it allows counties to take part in the Champions League t20 every September.

The Sharks took part in the inaugural event in October 2009 as a result of their domestic triumph two months earlier and would welcome the opportunity to compete with the world’s best in the future in the shortest format of the game.

May added: “From our point of view the Champions League is worth it both financially as well as from a cricketing point of view. Our squad learned so much from their experiences in India. I would say 14 Championship games instead of 16 looks more likely.

“The divisions will be imbalanced but Dave Brooks did point out that they operate an asymmetrical system in the NFL and that works well.

“The England hierarchy wants a reduction in playing days and we could end up losing 14 days. Coaches tell us that players need more time to rest and prepare which is very true but we don’t see any of them volunteering for less pay.

“We also have to take into account our members and supporters who want value for money so it is a difficult balancing act.”

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