Dalrymple and Walker quit in Glam meltdown

In the space of 48 hours Glamorgan have lost three former England players to dramatic resignations as the club sailed close to crisis and a winter of discontent.

Following on from the resignation of Matthew Maynard, the director of cricket, who went after the club hierarchy took the captaincy off Jamie Dalrymple and gave it to new overseas star Alviro Petersen, came two more high profile casualties.

Dalrymple himself, with a year on his contract, resigned as a player, and club president Peter Walker also quit calling the changes at the top “reprehensible”.

It has emerged that club chairman Paul Russell, committeeman and former wicketkeeper Colin Metson – in line to be parachuted into the new role of head coach – went to Dubai to sign Petersen without the knowledge of Maynard and Dalrymple.

In a statement Dalrymple, who said his position was untenable, cited the appointment of the new captain and the creation of a new post above the authority of both him and Maynard as the primary reasons for him leaving the club.

“The manner in which the chairman chose to do this demonstrates a loss of trust and confidence in me and leaves me with no respect for him,” said Dalrymple.

“I have resigned from Glamorgan County Cricket Club with immediate effect. I have done so because Glamorgan have effectively dismissed me by removing the captaincy from me, recruiting a new post above Matthew Maynard and me, and recruiting a new overseas player and captain in Alviro Petersen.

“All of this was done without consultation or prior notification with me. This has rendered my position at the club untenable. The first I knew of any of these fundamental management and cricket decisions was on Monday afternoon when the chairman Paul Russell phoned to inform me of a fait accompli.

“I understand the club’s right to remove the captaincy from the incumbent at their discretion and I recognise that the results in one-day cricket are not yet at a level we were happy with.”

Meanwhile, Walker ends two years in the role of president and follows Maynard, who resigned on November 17. “It’s reprehensible what has happened,” said 74-year-old Walker.

“Much has already been reported on the proposed changes in the running of the team. I have serious concerns about their likely impact.”

Walker was voted in as club president in 2009 but in a statement he said he hoped that his replacement would act on behalf of the fans as he had tried to do.

“After two years in the post, I have decided to step down as president of Glamorgan County Cricket Club,” he said. “My standing down now will give the chairman and officers of the club sufficient time to recommend a suitable replacement to the membership.

“Throughout my period in office the loyal fans of Glamorgan CCC overwhelmingly gave me their support. They deserve, and will expect, the new president to continue to speak and act on their behalf.”

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