Trott keen for new Australian experience

Jonathan Trott has promised that he will be a more enthusiastic tourist in Australia than he was in South Africa last winter.

The Warwickshire batsman will fly out with the rest of England’s Ashes squad at the end of this month and is looking forward to his first experience of playing in Australia.

It will be Trott’s third Test tour but he found his maiden one less enjoyable than expected because, having been brought up in South Africa, he was familiar with all of the tourist attractions that his team-mates were keen to see.

“I have never played cricket in Australia so I’m very excited,” Trott said. “I spent seven days in Perth when I was playing for Otago in New Zealand and we had a week off.

“Perth was a beautiful city but it’s the only place in Australia I have seen so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the country.

“The problem with South Africa was that I had been everywhere and there wasn’t that much to discover. I’m a pretty good tourist when I get the chance to get out so I’m looking forward to discovering Australia.

“But South Africa for me was quite boring. I was asked: ‘Do you want to see that big hole in Kimberley? ‘ ‘Fine’. ‘Do you want to go up Table Mountain?’ ‘No.’ ‘Do you want to go on a safari?’ ‘No’.

“I had done it all as a kid. Australia is going to be exciting off the field and I think that will help me on the field. In South Africa it was cricket, cricket, cricket. There wasn’t any release for me and I probably got a bit burnt out on that trip.”

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