Hard-up Leics launch membership drive

Leicestershire have launched a membership drive which they hope will attract lapsed supporters back to Grace Road.

Having lost a record £400,000 last year, Leicestershire are looking at different ways of generating revenue and the marketing group that has been set up by the board has made persuading former members to rejoin the club a priority.

“We will be having a membership drive this month to try to get back lapsed members,” said Leicestershire chief executive Mike Siddall.

“We will be getting in touch with lapsed members asking them if they want to come back. We need to do that. We need to get back in touch with those people, who, for whatever reason have let their membership lapse. We need their support and their help financially.”

Though Leicestershire’s County Championship performances last season were encouraging, their one-day and Twenty20 cricket was disappointing and the second half of the season was played out to a background of off-field unrest.

Leicestershire lost chief executive David Smith, senior coach Tim Boon and chairman Neil Davidson inside a tumultuous four months.

There has been a period of relative calm since October but Leicestershire face a potentially uncomfortable annual meeting at Grace Road on February 9 when members are likely to want to know how the club’s finances and budgets went so horribly wrong.

Then there is Davidson’s court case to reclaim the £109,000 he loaned the club to pay a tax bill last summer to be resolved, followed by Smith’s employment tribunal for his claim of constructive dismissal which has been listed for a week-long hearing in late March.

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