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Collingwood not limited, just good: Alex Bowden

Reading through the Paul Collingwood Test career obituaries has been like enduring a patronise-athon, if there is such a thing (which there isn’t). His fielding has been universally lauded but his batting is routinely belittled. The comments are good-natured and … Continue reading

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Australia's real-life selection methods: Alex Bowden

A selection panel has certain tools at its disposal. Correct use of these tools helps them select the best team, while improper use can have disastrous consequences, as has been shown by Australia’s selectors – before the third Test. The … Continue reading

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Australia's forgotten failure, Troy Cooley: Alex Bowden

Whose repution’s received the most comprehensive shoeing over these last two Tests? Ricky Ponting’s? Andrew Hilditch’s? What about Troy Cooley? When Cooley slipped through England’s grasp and ‘defected’ to his home country in 2006, it was generally painted as being … Continue reading

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England rise depresses Australia: Alex Bowden

Today we saw one team for whom the marginal passages of play went their way – two run outs and full use of both new balls. We also saw another team, many of whose worries came true – two run-outs … Continue reading

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James Anderson does half the job: Alex Bowden

The third day’s play emphasised the importance of making the new ball count but that’s not even half the job. James Anderson, in particular, bowled brilliantly with the second new ball, but England didn’t get the wicket. From then on, … Continue reading

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Alex Bowden: Cricket is different in winter

I’ve been watching a bit of the India v Australia series this week and I’ve also just booked a day off work so I can stay up through the night to watch the first day of the Ashes. It occurs … Continue reading

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Alex Bowden: Monty Panesar can help us enjoy cricket again

Cricket shouldn’t be grudgingly endured like a night out with people from work. It should be more like a night out with your real friends – something you actually enjoy. It’s been easy to forget that over the course of … Continue reading

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Alex Bowden: Why Flintoff was greater than his record could ever show

The inevitable was only confirmed last week, but the dissections of Andrew Flintoff’s career have been taking place for a year. Was he a great player? the articles ask. Almost always the conclusion is no, he was merely a very … Continue reading

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Alex Bowden: England in big run-chase? Whatever next

It was round about this time last year when England renounced one-day incompetence in favour of a boom or bust philosophy that raised them to the giddy heights of mediocrity. It was a mediocrity that was equal in its breathtaking … Continue reading

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Alex Bowden: The hard work of a spot-fixer

Spot fixing has been described in many ways in the last week. People rarely mention that it must be bloody hard work. This isn’t to laud practitioners in the least bit. It’s to point out that choosing to rig even … Continue reading

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